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Universal and customised

As machine builders, we aim for a certain degree of standardisation. The more universal we build our machines, the more efficiently we can produce them. This has considerable advantages for you, such as lower costs and shorter delivery times. It speaks for itself, however, that you can also contact us for special machines and installations that are designed and built entirely according to your requirements and specifications.

Product categories
Humarbo’s products are divided into six main categories:
  • Filling systems: dosing systems including a hopper and/or glatting machine
  • Production systems: machines for handling, compaction and demoulding of concrete products
  • Conveyor systems: pallet stores including pushing-through or stacking mechanism with cleaning and/or oil modules
  • Take-off systems: take-off systems for product and/or pallet handling
  • Moulds: product-specific moulds for wet casting and/or direct demoulding, suitable for automatic production systems and stationary set-ups
  • Special products: everything not listed under the aforementioned categories
Concrete products
The diversity of products that can be manufactured by Humarbo machines is endless. Every year, many new products are added. To prevent you from losing track among all these many items, we have divided our products into the following categories:

For agriculture and cattle breeding:
Cattle slats, pig slats, comfort slats, straw bedding slats, support beams, drinking troughs, cubicles, partitions, yard paving slabs, low-emission floor slabs, etc.

For infrastructure:
Grooves, cable througs, shafts, caps, rings, absorbing noise-barrier elements, beams, railway sleepers/cross-beams, canal elements, platform plates, median elements, dropped kerbs , concrete chocks, pits, tree pavers, etc.

For construction:
Boundary elements, floor elements, beams, (insulated) wall elements, silo elements, etc.

For home and garden:
Decorative poles, sleepers, balls, partition blocks, fence elements, seating modules, tiles, etc.