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    Humarbo’s PX universal tilting lay machine – a.k.a. the ‘egg layer’ – is a modern tilting lay machine used for constructing reinforced and non-reinforced products with a maximum ‘standard’ product length of 5,250 mm, a maximum ‘standard’ product width of 1,400 mm and a maximum ‘standard’ product height of 800 mm.

    The PX is a universal tilting lay machine that lays the products on the ground or, if required, on a wooden or steel pallet.If the latter is the case, the machine is fitted with a pallet-clamping device.The ‘egg layer’ can ride over rails but can also ride on vulcanised wheels.The machine is built in a number of standard variants: from 1.25 m up to 5.25 m (see the overview for more information).

    The Light version was developed recently. These 1.25L and 2.25L PXs save energy and are entirely electrical.They can handle products of 750 or 1,000 kg, depending on the length.

    PX 1.25LPX 2.25LPX 3.25HPX 4.25HPX 5.25H
    Maximum product length [m]1,252,253,254,255,25
    Standard product width [m] *11,21,41,41,4
    Standard product height [cm]8080808080
    Capacity hopper [m³]0,91,333,54
    Maximum product weight [kg]7501000250025002500
    Maximum lift capacity [kg]45004500600060006000
    * Multiple widths possible