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    The handling system for wet cast production is a system that automatically moves wet cast moulds – from the position in which the mould is cleaned and the reinforcement bars are moved to the take-off position in which the finished product is removed from the mould.Theelements in this installation can vary in lengths from 1 to 6 metres. The width and the thickness/height of the products that should be made depend only on the dimensioning of the lifting system.

    The complete installation can be built up in different ways.

    Filling system

    The LTS or a volume dosing system can be used as filling system.

    Handling system – filling system

    The handling system can be mounted in a mobile frame (for in-line production) or in an overhead crane.The latter method allows you to place the wet cast moulds behind and next to each other. It can handle a large quantity of different wet cast moulds.

    Handling system – take-off system

    If required, a second handling system can be used for take-off activities.In that case, the lifting system for the moulds is combined with the take-offpart for the wet cast products, e.g. a vacuum lifting system.

    To increase production and simplify the logistics, transfer cars can be used between the various positions.