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Humarbo’s MPH handling machine is a modern, semi-automatic system used for constructing reinforced and non-reinforced products with a maximum product weight of 850 or 1,000 kg.

The MPH handling machine runs on a crane track and is suitable for wet cast production and for immediate demouldingl.The combination of immediate demoulding and wet casting is also possible in the same production line.The demoulding of the products occurs at an ergonomic height.

The MPH handling machine consists of a moveable frame running on a crane track. This moveable frame is fitted with a locking and tilting unit that can rotate the pallet and the mould 180 degrees.

MPH 3.25MPH 4.25
Maximum product length [m]3,254,25
Standard product width [m] *1,251,25
Standard product height [cm]5 - 205 - 20
Maximum product weight [kg]8501000
Maximum lift capacity [kg]20002250
* Multiple widths possible