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    Humarbo’s MPA production machine is a modern production system used for producing both reinforced and non-reinforced products.

    The MPA stationary production machine runs on the ground and the machine frame integrates the rotating casement. The demoulding of the products occurs at an ergonomic height.

    The production machine runs on flat rails that are attached to the concrete floor. The machine can ride, tilt and lift. Two frequency-controlled motor reductors drive the riding function. The tilting and lifting mechanisms are driven hydraulically. The vibrating table including the mould is set up entirely separate from the machine frame and is easily accessible from all sides.

    MPA 3.25LMPA 4.25L
    MPA 4.25HMPA 5.25H
    Maximum product length [m]3,254,255,25
    Standard product width [m] *1,251,251,25
    Standard product height [cm]5 - 405 - 405 - 40
    Maximum product weight [kg]15001500/25002500
    Maximum lift capacity [kg]60006000/90009000
    * Multiple widths possible