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    The Low-Cost installation enables you to make standard products up to 4m long, 50cm wide and 12cm thick in total. Except for the lift function, the installation is operated manually and consists of the following components:
    • Stationary hopper with an adjustable dosating flap
    • Fixed vibration table including a clamping mechanism to clamp the mould with the mould holder
    • Mould holder that enables you to attach different moulds easily
    • Frequency-controlled vibrating motors for optimal compaction
    • Steel construction of a standard length of 12 metres; the steel construction can be extended with pieces of 3 metres
    • Electrical lift mechanism including a rotation mechanism for demoulding
    • Aeration valves for demoulding the product easily
    • Electrical lift mechanism including a pallet clamp for taking away the product
    • Electrical lift mechanism including a product clamp for rotating the cured product
    • Wooden pallets

    LC 2.00LC 3.00LC 4.00
    Maximum product length [m]234
    Standard product width [m] *0,50,50,5
    Standard product height [cm]121212
    Capacity hopper [m³]1,21,72,3
    Maximum product weight [kg]250250300
    Maximum lift capacity [kg]7507501000
    * Multiple widths possible