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    Humarbo has for many years been a reliable address for wet cast moulds and for moulds for immediate demoulding in stationary set-ups as well as in automatic rotation systems. The moulds can be divided into four categories:

    For agriculture and cattle breeding:
    Moulds for cattle slats, pig slats, comfort slats, straw bedding slats, drinking troughs, cubicles, partitions, yard paving slabs, low-emission floor slabs, etc.

    For infrastructure:
    Moulds for grooves, cable throughs, shafts, caps, rings, absorbing noise-barrier elements, beams, railway sleepers/cross-beams, median elements, dropped kerbs , concrete chocks, pits, tree pavers, etc.

    For construction:
    Moulds for boundary elements, floor elements, beams, (insulated) wall elements, silo elements, etc.

    For home and garden:
    Moulds for decorative poles, sleepers, balls, partition blocks, seating modules, posts, tiles, etc.