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    The LTS can fill the mould lengthwise using a dosator belt fitted under the hopper opening. The concrete mixture flows off the conveyor into the filler tray that runs nearby on top of the mould. This filler tray can be adjusted to the required height over the mould so that it brings the mixture evenly into the mould.

    The mould can be filled in both driving directions. You can fill the mould in one go or in two rounds. The last option is important if you want to produce reinforced products and/or very tall products. Between both filling sections, the reinforcement can be placed or a better compaction can be obtained in case of tall products. The LTS filling machine runs on flat rails affixed to the concrete floor and is driven hydraulically or electrically. The functions for dosing the concrete are carried out hydraulically. The front side of the LTS filling machine is fitted with a troweling beam for scouring off the concrete in a coarse manner. This beam is attached to two eccentric shafts and makes a circular scouring movement. The result is that the concrete surface is sealed by means of rubbing and the surplus mixture is taken away. In addition, the machine is fitted with an electrically driven, rotating troweling disc for a smooth finish of the concrete product. If the alongside-filling machine is used for wet concrete, a rotating roll replaces the troweling beam and the troweling disc.

    Standard, there is a single LTS model – 1.25 m (the width dimension of the standard moulds) – and cannot be used in combination with a MPF production installation. Besides that, the LTS is suitable for all machine lengths. Another option is placing two filling hoppers one behind the other, giving you the possibility of working with two different types of mixtures and/or colours.

    LTS 1.25LTS 1.25LTS 1.25LTS 1.25LTS 1.25
    Maximum product length [m]3,254,255,256,257,25
    Standard filling width [m] *1,251,251,251,251,25
    Capacity hopper [m³]33333
    * Multiple widths possible