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    The FMH manually operated alongside-filling machine consists of a moveable hopper of approx. 1,000 litres with a dosatin flap.The hopper is hung in a mobile frame that runs on a crane track.This allows you to move the hopper in the direction of the length and width.

    The operation is entirely manual.All movements are electrical except the dosing valve and the height adjustment of the hopper. These are hydraulic.The hopper can move up and down so that the correct filling height can be set.After filling manually, the filling machine is put in the starting position so that there is room for picking up the mould by the MPH handling machine.For finishing the product, you can choose a rotating roll or troweling discs at the front side of the hopper.

    The rotating roll is standard, making it possible to finish products that should be cast wet or products that are subject to immediate demoulding.The operator can move the rotating roll downwards if the product should be finished.The roll is moved over the mould longitudinally while rotating.The operating elements, knobs and joysticks required for this action are located on the control cabinet of the hopper.

    Maximum product length [m]3,254,25
    Standard filling width [m] *1,251,25
    Capacity feedinghopper [m³]11
    * Multiple widths possible