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    An AVM is an advanced sideway-filling machine that provides optimal labour savings and speed when manufacturing large numbers of products that deviate just slightly from each other.

    The filling machine fills and doses the concrete in the mould in a to-and-fro movement. The concrete is overdosed – so to speak – after which compaction makes it sink further into the mould. Subsequently, the filling machine distributes the concrete and returns the excess concrete to the table behind the form. The front side of the AVM filling machine is standard fitted with a troweling beam for troweling off the concrete in a coarse manner. This beam is attached to two eccentric shafts and makes a circular troweling movement. The result is that the concrete surface is sealed by means of rubbing and the surplus mixture is moved to the rear. In the next cycle, the excess concrete will be reused.

    Another option is attaching an troweling disc to the AVM filling machine instead of a troweling beam. The form is accessible only from one side. A stationary filling machine (the STH) including flaps, dosing roll or a to-and-fro moving feeding hopper with conveyor can be placed over the AVM.

    AVM 3.25AVM 4.25AVM 5.25
    Capacity feedbox [m³]1,522,5
    Maximum filling width3,254,255,25