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Conveyor systems

    Conveyor systems

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    Depending of the type of machine used, the conveyor system must or can be made according to the stacking or pushing-through principle.

    Stacking principle
    If you choose the stacking principle, the loaded and unloaded pallets are stacked in the selected place in the tunnel. This principle of stacking is also suitable for storing wet cast moulds. In that case, it is impossible to close and to insulate the tunnel.

    Pushing-through principle
    If you choose the pushing-through principle, a conveyor track is used for transporting the loaded pallets. To retain the hydration heat generated by setting the concrete, the tunnel can be insulated under the return track using insulation plates. Roller blinds can also be fitted at the entry and exit of the tunnel. This means that production can continue even in winter, in particular, in less heated or unheated areas.

    The conveyor system can be optimised by adding:
    - A hydraulic skidder for cleaning the production location
    - A finishing platform for finishing the stacked products in an easy manner
    - Transfer cars in the front and rear for form removal and take-off
    - Transfer cars in the front and rear for removing the finished product
    - A brush and oil installation