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Concrete products

    Concrete products

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    The concrete products made by our machines correspond with the moulds in terms of the division. The products vary in size: from very small up to the maximum product dimensions mentioned for the specific machines. The same applies to the weights. All the categories list products manufactured according to the principles of wet casting and direct demoulding.

    The products can be divided into four categories:

    For agriculture and cattle breeding:
    Products for cattle slats, pig slats, comfort slats, straw bedding slats, drinking troughs, cubicles, partitions, yard paving slabs, low-emission floor slabs, etc.

    For infrastructure:
    Products for grooves, cable througs, shafts, caps, rings, absorbing noise-barrier elements, beams, railway sleepers/cross-beams, median elements, dropped kerbs , concrete chocks, pits, tree pavers, etc.

    For construction:
    Products for boundary elements, floor elements, beams, (insulated) wall elements, silo elements, etc.

    For home and garden:
    Products for decorative poles, sleepers, balls, partition blocks, seating modules, posts, tiles, etc.